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Are you living with mystery symptoms that can't be explained? 

My advice is to open your mind, do research, and go with your gut. Don't settle on just one opinion or diagnosis. 

Do you have any sudden symptoms?

  • Weakened immune system

  • Heightened anxiety/depression

  • Aggession

  • Weakness

  • Fatigue

  • Skin rashes

  • Sinus issues

  • Hair loss

  • Weight fluctuations

  • Trouble concentrating

  • Memory issues

  • Breathing issues/asthma/wheezing

  • Sudden and constant migraines

  • Increase in allergies

  • Digestive issues

  • Chemical sensitivities

Other thoughts to consider:

  • Do you have mercury fillings?

  • Have you been exposed to mold?

  • Are you exposed to a lot of chemicals either from diet or lifestyle? 

  • Do you have an internal overgrowth (candida)?

  • Undiagnosed allergies?

  • Undiagnosed autoimmune diseases?

I am not a doctor. Every person and situation is different; however, I am here to bring awareness based on my own experiences. 

Through most of my 20s, I was very active and healthy, and over the past few years, my health has drastically declined. I've been trying to heal and detox. I‘ve experienced every symptom above, especially debilitating migraines that started abruptly and lasted years.

I felt like someone hit me on the head one day, and was never the same. The ”big” incident happened at work. I felt weak, my face went numb, saw bright lights, letters were moving on my computer screen, had incredibly blurry vision, and was extremely dizzy out of the blue. I thought I had a stroke and was dying. During that first encounter, it took me nearly an hour to walk and even needed help to walk out to my boss's car.

God bless those people. 

For two years after, I suffered through ocular and/or vestibular migraines, which left me feeling dizzy nearly 24/7 for that entire period. Some moments and days were worse than others. I quit eating eggs, yogurt, cold cuts at Jimmy John’s, and most dairy. I tried to cure myself with nutrition and my main mission was to decrease inflammation. Although it wasn't an instant cure, the intensity weakened at times.

There wasn't one normal day I experienced. I felt handicapped. I was afraid to be stressed. I was afraid to drive. I always felt drunk.

I even got glasses for the first time in my adult life and thought that would cure me. 


Even with glasses, I could barely work on a computer. I looked away as much as possible. I couldn't look at my phone or a TV screen, as I had extreme light sensitivity. During the first year of migraines, my head felt bruised, as the room spun around me like I was on a constant merry-go-round. I couldn't even think or focus on anything and felt as though I was only giving 10 percent of myself. I felt guilty. I felt frustrated. I felt depressed. I just wanted it to be over. 

Was I going to feel like this forever?

Was my scoliosis getting worse despite surgery?

I left work multiple times due to my issues. I eventually went on to see many specialists and had various scans. Within a year I had the following tests done: 

  • CT scan on my brain

  • CT scan on my sinuses

  • MRI

  • EEG

  • CBC/bloodwork 

All came back normal minus two ”harmless” sinus cysts, and my white blood count was a little low. I was relieved yet knew something was far from normal.

Along with regular doctor visits and specialists, I also went to urgent care at least 5-6 times within a three year time period, as well as a couple of trips to the ER.

I always felt sick.

When I was home, I was pretty much couch-bound and didn't want to leave. I couldn't go anywhere. A 15 min trip to Meijer was torture, as I couldn't bear to stand in line for more than five minutes. The vision of people walking around me, seeing objects on a wall, the lights, the sounds, the smells, I knew it wasn't just anxiety. Everything set me off.

I stopped listening to music, as I couldn't bear to listen, even with the volume turned down. Music was the one thing in life that gave me constant happiness, and it was my new enemy.

I felt like a 90-year-old in a 30-year-old body. I felt like nobody took me seriously, besides my amazing fiancé who was an unfortunate witness to all the madness.

After a couple of years living with migraines, they eventually wore away with time. I felt disabled but had hope. I was determined! I had monthly massages. I was on a quality whole food multivitamin and added probiotics back into my life.

That summer I had four mercury fillings replaced, not by choice but I was glad they were being replaced with porcelain since they were older and ”leaking” which didn't sound healthy. I quickly envisioned the fillings leaking into my bloodstream.

Could this finally be my cure?

While my migraines were already improving, they did get better, month after month. 

Little did I know I would soon suffer from debilitating life-threatening asthma that would far surpass my current state. 

I truly believe our bodies are like toxic sponges. It holds on to everything we eat, breathe, wear, and consume in general collectively. I truly respect medical doctors, but I feel we know our sensitive bodies best. We are becoming smarter, as time goes on and toxicity worsens.

We want to find ROOT CAUSES, instead of just masking symptoms. Only WE know our bodies, and what is ”our normal.” We all simply want to feel WELL.

Life shouldn't be like this. We shouldn't have to suffer. We shouldn’t have to fight for true health. We should be able to live in clean, healthy environments and bodies. We should be consuming foods free of chemicals and dyes, and packed with real whole food nutrition our body craves. Less is more!

I could go on and on...

I truly believe most of my recent issues were due to mold exposure. I was exposed in more than one location, although what I came in contact with this past year...sent me over the edge on a completely different and terrifying level.

I had rashes all over my body, couldn't remember my coworker's names, couldn't remember my garage code, could barely walk, drive, or live a functioning life. I had constant acne, never-ending throat drainage, gained weight, and felt chronically inflamed. I was constantly thirsty. I knew I needed a drastic change in my life, or I couldn't see myself living much longer. I had a sudden rage I couldn’t control. 

I believe the whole not being able to breathe thing, almost killed me. I felt as though I was going down a scary dark slope. I was scared to sleep at night. I was JUST getting by, even though I couldn't do anything but sit. I could barely walk up the stairs. At my best, I could only breathe in halfway while constantly feeling lightheaded.

For anyone experiencing chronic and scary symptoms, don't let the doctor trick you into saying it's bronchitis or ”just anxiety.” Get a second, third, and fourth opinion.

If medical professionals deem you healthy, don’t give up. Be aware. Listen to podcasts, read books, educate, and seek other wellness professionals.

Test your house for radon, mold, and whatever else needs to be tested, even if it's not a ”requirement.” Your future self will thank you. 

If there is mold, find a QUALITY mold professional and remediate safely and immediately. It can and will affect you, even if it's not directly exposed, especially for sensitive individuals who are allergic.

  • Invest in air quality tests. 

  • Know what you are working with.

  • Invest in HEPA air purifiers.

  • Keep a dehumidifier on at all times in the basement, and don't let it go above 50. 

  • Get rid of furniture and clothing when necessary. If exposed throw it out! It’s NOT worth repeated exposure and anxiety.

After 6 months of quitting my job, getting rid of over half my clothing, over a month out of my ”safe” home, and two months on a COPD inhaler, I am finally seeing and feeling a glimpse into who I was before. I know for certain that I made the right decision.

Emotionally, I have wounds. I have trust issues. I have fear. I never want to feel that low again. I’m trying to think positive. 

For starters, I can fully breathe deep for the first time in a year, don't NEED my glasses as much, and it makes me want to cry. My GP even told me I didn't have asthma. I had to FIGHT for a chest x-ray and to be seen by a pulmonologist. They concluded I DID have asthma mostly due to allergic triggers.

I feel healthier in my body. My cells feel awakened. My body feels like its functioning better. I don't have to feel dizzy because of a lack of oxygen. I don't feel as ”crazy” emotionally. I feel like my brain is getting clearer.

Let’s just say I would have GLADLY traded my breathing issues to have migraine days back. This last year, has been the worst in all my life.

Mold should be on everyone's minds when it comes to chronic health issues, and I believe it will in the future. It CAN be odorless, but watch for a musty smoke smell. Look at your walls and ceilings. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean its not an issue. It is a HUGE issue in today's buildings, schools, and homes. It CAN cause neurological, respiratory, and autoimmune issues. It can destroy the immune system.

It CAN be the pillar to health destruction. Some say Lyme disease and mold can be directly linked. Mast cell activation syndrome can also be triggered by mold exposure. 

Will we lead a toxic-free life in the future?

In some ways, I believe so. 

Will there be more awareness?

I hope so. 

Like I mentioned last week, I am now way more sensitive to every product I come in contact with, at least for now. It's not just one issue. It's a cleaner lifestyle I follow now.

I try to avoid mold triggering food items, such as coffee, corn/corn chips, and don't eat anything from a can. I avoid leftover food items as well! I learned that the hard way. 

If you are suffering, please seek help. You are not alone. You are not crazy. Make a list of symptoms, even if you think they aren't directly related. Go through specialists and scans just to make sure nothing else is wrong. Get bloodwork taken. Find another doctor better suited for your needs if need be. 

Think of what's causing your symptoms.

When did things shift?

Is it time to test your surroundings?

This is YOUR health, and if you don't fight for it, nobody else will.

In life when we feel total desperation and hit rock bottom, we do everything in our power to feel a slice of hope again. The hope to feel alive again.

Be your own best advocate, always. It could save your life.


Kimberly Ann


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