Ripping Off the Band-Aid

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Each season comes with mixed emotions that can be tricky to navigate. This means new beginnings, shorter days, and a crisp autumn breeze on the horizon. A change of scenery, and a change of patterns. 

While it’s still a scary time, sometimes we just have to rip off the band-aid. This means sending our loved ones back to school again, walking into the unknown. This may also mean learning at home, which can be equally as frustrating and terrifying. This could also mean a change in jobs altogether, while also losing our health in the process. This could also mean setting a wedding date, or for some having to reschedule.  Having faith, without knowing the exact outcome is expected. Fear will always be present, but so will faith. Everything is uncertain in life. Trusting in God is not only at times our only option, but the best option. 

Sometimes we need to surrender, in order to improve our lives. Starting fresh, especially if that means maintaining sanity and securing our sense of purpose. Searching for what we need in this world, and trying new things to fill the void. 

Ripping off the band-aid also means speaking first, even when one is a nervous wreck. When a certain person asks us to do something under pressure, we simply just do it. Without analyzing, and without question. This past week I attended a meeting. I was especially nervous because I wasn’t feeling my best, but realized it was much needed. I didn’t know how many people would show up. I didn’t know if it would live up to my expectations. I wanted it to be special. I wanted to feel safe. I wanted to feel at home. Like everything else in my life, I was anxiously awaiting the perfect scenario. 

Just when I felt calm in my seat...BOOM! We had to introduce ourselves, and of course, I was picked first, thankfully!  Ripping off the band-aid, without having time to think and stress, it was a definite sign. My heart didn't have time to go a million beats per minute. My mind didn't have time to race. It was over very quickly, and I felt confident in an instant. Throughout the duration of the meeting, I felt included. I felt a strong sense of belonging just by listening to others. I could rest and truly enjoy the moment.

As I listened to the speakers I felt at peace. It felt like a fresh beginning. I got a taste of what my life looked like before, and a glimpse into my future. It was a far greater experience than expected, and my soul was gushing with hope and excitement.  I knew I needed to go. I needed to feel those feelings. I needed to get out of my shell. It was a lesson I also learned a week prior.  With my doctor last week, I had to try a new inhaler on the spot. Without looking at the label, and without googling side effects. In those few seconds, I had to quit my over-controlling ways. I had to take a huge leap of faith and trust in others, who were more qualified. In that desperate moment, I had nothing to lose. 

Again, ripping off the band-aid... Sometimes we have to trust others. Sometimes we have to advocate for our own health, but still, have faith in medical professionals.  Sometimes we realize life is bigger than what we envision for ourselves.  Trust yourself, but also trust others.  We can’t always control everything, and that’s the way it should be. 

So let’s take some weight off our shoulders. We don’t always have to stress and struggle, even if it's in our nature. We don't always have to do everything ourselves.  We can rely on others.

We can regain trust. We can break through the cycle.

Ripping off the band-aid means growth. Mastering the first step, just by one swift action.

Love, Kimberly Ann


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