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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

We all carry toxic burdens. We can’t always control our surroundings or our past, but we CAN control our current diet and lifestyle, which is HUGE!

When inflammation is high, detoxification lowers and glutathione production turns off, which is NOT good. 

Glutathione is crucial for immune function and detoxification. While this is found in our blood cells, this antioxidant decreases with age, stress, toxicity, and depends on the person. It is KEY for supporting detox. 

If our organs are not healthy, it is VERY hard to properly eliminate all the crap we’ve consumed and ingested and toxins build up.

(Environmental and lifestyle chemicals, toxic exposures, stress)

If we can get MORE of it naturally with food, why wouldn’t we want to try? Increased intake of vitamin C increases glutathione levels within our blood cells.

Think broccoli, potatoes, bell peppers, berries, and citrus fruits

Broccoli is by far my favorite, and my body craves. I can FEEL the difference. If I go a day or two without, I don’t feel fully alive. I’ve been MUCH more conscious about what I put into my body. Organic food is your lovable friend!

If you have a bigger reason, it’s so much more doable

Living with chronic health issues can be a hell on earth. Don't wait until it's too late. When I eat something, I think to myself:

Does this serve me nutritionally?

Will it help me heal?

If it doesn’t serve a purpose, how will “XYZ” ingredients/dyes/chemicals HURT me even more? 

The answers are truly shocking. I TRY my best to eat REAL food and ingredients, especially due to allergies, asthma, migraines, exposures, and for overall health in today’s crazy world.

Give me ALL the vitamins and minerals!

While I’ve been gluten-free for 14 years, I ate my fair share of g-free crap. AKA-processed and packaged junk and “bread.” Some brands are DEFINITELY “better” than others, BUT if it’s processed or packaged, I try to stay clear most of the time. I try to avoid corn starch, most oils, corn syrup, etc. Processed food fuels inflammation.

I believe we should be eating NATURAL gluten-free food items for most of our meals, whether you have to be “g-free” or not. Health is health.

Exceptions that are packaged yet NOT processed: Bob’s Red Mill Organic Old Fashioned Rolled Oats (GF), organic brown rice, beans, grass-fed grass-finished beef, organic chicken, fruits, and vegetables.

Raw garlic can also detoxify the body. I downed 1-2 cloves a day for months. I simply used a blender and mixed with water... easy!

I got used to it, and the burn was oddly satisfying. 

Other suggestions:

-Take a multivitamin. Some people argue they get all their nutrients from food, but I disagree and don't see the harm. Since taking them, I feel a big difference and if anything it's insurance you are at least getting proper vitamins into the body. Food/soil isn't the same as it once was, neither is our toxic load.

I take the Garden of Life, Mykind Organics Woman’s Multivitamin, made from real and organic food sources.

-Drink clean water. We have a RO system in the kitchen, and I add a dash of pink Himalayan sea salt mixed in for added electrolytes. 

-Drink green tea

-Get plenty of sleep.

-Limit alcohol use or avoid it.

-Avoid dairy.

-Move your body without overdoing it. 

-Consume prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotic sources such as garlic, onions, flaxseed, oats, bananas, apples, etc. support the function of probiotics. 

I take the Jarrow-Dophilus EPS Probiotic and seems to work for me. I can tell It helps my inflammation levels for example, breathing, skin/eczema, and gut health.

I honestly feel happier as well! While I still need my allergy and asthma medications, it's a great addition, and my flare-ups aren't as intense and frequent. Don't get me wrong, I still have my moments; however, I truly have noticed a difference.

Find a routine and do what works best for you!

I'm not perfect with my lifestyle NOR an expert, but after what I've gone through in life, I truly understand that food can be used to heal or to hurt. It can make you feel alive, or it can make you (and keep you) chronically ill and depressed. 

Be kind to yourself, splurge a little now and then, create healthier options, and I hope this helps!


Kimberly Ann


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