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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been nearly SIX months since starting this little blog of mine! An idea I had for years that finally came to light overnight. I wanted to dig deeper than a simple Facebook post. I wanted to write more than just an Instagram caption. I simply wanted more—a new outlet.

It has given me excitement, joy, peace, purpose, and a sense of therapy! A big smile on my face every time before hitting submit. Thanks for joining me on this wild ride so far!

It’s crazy how things happen at such perfect timing. It’s given me a brand new perspective. It’s been healing. Instead of gasping for my life, I can take a slow and steady deep breath of fresh air! Literally! ;)

My first post was scary yet exhilarating and something I felt proud of, even if no one else connects or even sees this baby of a blog.

My goals going forward?

  • Reach others and continue my message

  • To continue touching on topics that I feel called to share

  • To bring hope and light in this unique space and hopefully help others in some capacity, no matter how small or significant

  • Ignore doubts in my head

  • MORE POSITIVITY while keeping it real

Sure, this year has easily been one for the record books, but I’m grateful for ALL the beauty, even if I had to conquer several beasts.

For those looking to begin something in 2021, just start.

It may be messy. It may not be perfection. You may not feel worthy or accomplished yet.

BUT, look for what it CAN do!

Erase the fear and go for it with a new perspective.

I can't imagine NOT starting this when I did.

Make today a clean slate. We deserve to let our voices be heard and be ourselves, in any format.

Life is too darn short to ignore our instincts, instincts that I believe come from God.

A simple concept that’s often left unsaid or ignored.

Today's takeaway: Always go with your gut and never give up!

Stay tuned!


Kimberly Ann


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