Healthcare is the Best Care

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Health is #1. It's safe to assume that this year especially taught us all that hard realization.

Healthcare is the best self-care, even during COVID. Don’t wait until it’s too late...

If we don’t have our health, we can’t be present, stay active, or be mentally and emotionally secure. It can create a stressful storm with sudden wind gusts that can creep up on us with every powerful twist and turn. 

(From living with life-threatening allergies most of my life and experiencing anaphylaxis twice, my painful scoliosis journey. Chronic vestibular migraines and light sensitivity that lasted daily for a year, which gradually decreased the second year. To my recent mold journey filled with more drastic symptoms that consisted of horrific skin rashes, shortness of breath/asthma, and a feeling I don’t wish upon anyone as I truly thought I was going to die. My whole body felt inflamed, including my brain. I struggled to breathe every single day. I became very forgetful. I felt angry, I felt crazy. I felt 90 years old. Nearly 12 months after first becoming ill, I am finally NOW reclaiming my health. It feels good to be almost normal again. My cells feel alive.)

Don't ignore the signs. If something feels or looks off, we must trust gut instincts.

All of that strength built me up to what I’ve experienced these last two months. 

After several years of worrying about this big dark mole of mine and it’s changing colors, I finally went to the dermatologist. 

After all, it's the year of health, right?

They took it off right then and there as it looked suspicious for melanoma. With my family history and a very “moley” body, this one looked different from the rest.

After two weeks of waiting, the lab confirmed that it was abnormal and they needed a second biopsy. At the end of that phone call, a feeling of sadness took over as tears rolled down my face.

Did my mold symptoms coincide with my potential cancerous symptoms?

Was everything finally making sense?

Everything came full circle. I decided not to become fearful, but to keep an open mind either way. I was fully prepared to be normal and was prepared for the worst outcome.

Coming from a medical background, I was somewhat calm and practical about it. I prepared myself mentally. Of course, I had moments of fear and uncertainty. However, I didn’t let that feeling overpower. 

In uncertain moments, we just have to suck it up and do what we have to do. Don’t panic until there’s a valid reason or diagnosis.  

Honestly, I was more nervous for the second biopsy, as the Dr. took out deeper tissue and a large circular quarter off my stomach. 

Then, I thought to myself if I could undergo an 8-9 hour spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis, I could handle anything! Hello, inner strength!

A week later, I received the news. All margins were clear!

Thank God!

Nearly two weeks after the biopsy, I am honestly just now healing little by little. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes painful, a little work to maintain, but it’s doable!

I need to have my skin checked every six months now, but I am fully ready for anything that comes my way. I am also aware of a couple of other moles they are watching. I am incredibly grateful.

Knowledge is power, and it can make us relieved and confident instead of the “what if” anxieties.

Some may think they don't have the time or money, but maintaining true health is priceless. Prevention is key! Make the extra effort, stand up for yourself, take time off work, and make it happen.

Just do it.

Experiences make us stronger. There's always a greater reason. It is ALWAYS ”one thing after another” in life. The power is within ourselves and our perspective. 

Discovering our inner strength is beautiful.

I even went for a walk over the weekend. My first walk of 2020. Better late than never, right? I felt like a newborn baby looking up at the sky for the first time, simply amazed by nature. I was deeply appreciative. A place I once visited weekly, was now a hug from an old friend. I didn’t even need my rescue inhaler. It was the most active day I’ve had all year. What a win...

We can overcome. 

We are stronger than we realize. 

We can heal.

We can create happiness.

We can learn from others. Love, Kimberly Ann


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