Guilt and Guidance

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The power of guilt. This year has been a crazy one, indeed. 

Why do we feel guilty when we can’t do or change anything? 

Why do we feel guilty in a global pandemic when we can’t see others?

Why do we feel guilty for not having a typical Christmas this year? It’s the one time of year where we are supposed to celebrate and be merry, right?

Why do we feel guilt when we find ourselves depressed?

Guilt is human nature. Perhaps our brains were ingrained to keep going and going at a young age—a stage where nothing was ever good enough. We naturally want to help, love, and nurture. When we can’t do those things and are locked up in a bubble, we start to think of how we got to this unimaginable place.

This pandemic has put a whole new level of guilt upon us, from raising kids to taking care of the elderly, and everything in between. It's a crazy dilemma where we question every move we make.

What is this madness, and when will it stop?

Sometimes guilt is a buildup of decisions over time. A flashy lightbulb we gravitate towards to be new and improved. We think that the “flashy thing” will make our lives easier and happier, even if it costs us our health and can pull us into a darker hole than ever before. Sometimes guilt is based on changing jobs to improve our happiness and quality of life. Change is never easy, and we can surely miss our old routines and the people we encountered daily. 

What happens when decisions backfire, and year after year, things get so much worse?

Well, eventually, we finally spiral and must crawl ourselves out of our carefully crafted shiny hole and create the very best versions of ourselves. God makes no mistakes, and I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. 

The hardships teach us how to be better, healthier and glide us to our purpose. 

I tend to think that’s how this pandemic will play out. We are forever changed. We have lost loved ones and have seen immense pain and suffering. Life is so incredibly hard right now, but there are a few things I do know for sure. 

We will be more grateful for a simple hug. Going to the store without a mask will be like coming up for air. Our health and immune system will be more of a priority. We won't take a second for granted. We will find our true passion and run with it because life is too dang short.

Let’s stop feeling guilty. Let’s stop feeling sorry for ourselves for everything we could and should be doing. That’s a recipe for disaster. Let’s live in the moment and take creative action of what we CAN do today. 

Let's enjoy the simplicity of not making as much food this year or spreading ourselves too thin. Soak in our homes with safety, without the demanding chaos from going house to house. Take this particular moment in time and breathe. Give ourselves a needed break to rest and celebrate being alive, even if we are alone this year.

Let go of expectations, anxieties, fears, and guilt. Being in the moment is our new normal, and we will get through anything. We are not as alone as we may think.


Kimberly Ann


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