Give Yourself a Break

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Well, it’s officially halfway through the first month of 2021! How are we holding on?

While I’m far from my goals, I’ve realized we cannot do it all at once. Sometimes we need to clear our hearts first—a fresh slate.

If we are struggling with relationships or withholding what’s inside our hearts, let me say this: it needs to be said. It causes more damage than one may think. The added worry, stress, and feeling a sense of loss all rolled into one. It does more harm than good. Emotional releases need to happen, especially if it's months or years in the making.

Communication is everything, even when it’s messy and hard. It can be scary not knowing how things will escalate.

Will it be worth the risk?

Absolutely. Feeling a hundred pounds lighter and happier within our soul and in the day-to-day can be a beautiful, unexpected awakening. If it goes south, it needed to happen anyway, and we will be better off regardless. It will be okay!

Let’s love others more while still loving ourselves in the process.

Let go of grudges. Let go of past triggers. Own the truth and move forward; we deserve it.

We deserve to give ourselves a break!

Unfollow all unnecessary drama. It’s a waste of time and energy. Release negative energy, allowing good things to enter—better things to put our focus on.

Balance is so important, allowing us to breathe freely.

Miss a workout or ten? It will be okay!

Repetitiveness will create a habit, just start today and give yourself ALL the credit for taking baby steps.

Eliminate the guilt or shame. It's not worth it or deserved.

It may also be time to declutter! Holding on to things that don't "spark joy?" Toss ALL the things, clothes, and Marie Kondo it up!

When we live in chaos, mentally or physically, it is tough to be successful and focused.

Remember, balance is vital. Take it day by day, one sticky note at a time.


Kimberly Ann


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