Calm the Overwhelm

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

When first deciding on a topic, I wanted to speak to a specific group of people. I wanted to focus on “my people” who have dealt with similar struggles. While we all face different challenges in life, we seem to have one thing in common. 

The will to overcome. Faith and hope to move forward. Living with a mission, despite limitations. To calm the overwhelm. That is definitely my motto these days. I’ve been trying to "train my brain" even when my anxiety disorder creeps in. 

In general, we are technology-obsessed creatures, who live in a fast-paced environment. We go, go, go...and go some more. We also live in a flawed world with deep hurt, suffering, and uncertainty. Honestly, this pandemic has been pure chaos and has depressed even the blessed. It has also awakened our minds and opened our hearts in many ways. 

Things that have helped me:  -Eliminating coffee for 8 months now (1 cup of green tea only)  -Knowing my triggers with sensitivities and severe allergies

-Being aware of my surroundings

-Reading, writing -Meditation

-Positive thinking, ignoring panic -Not letting negative flashbacks, rule my current emotional state -Thinking as logically as possible  -Listening to my gut

-Doing at least ONE thing daily that brings joy, even if I have to enjoy a Disney movie in the process

Be silly! Get creative! Do whatever it takes to fill your cup!

Perhaps it’s the fact that we are facing this pandemic together, which is slightly reassuring. For a moment in time, this has affected us all on some level. More than ever, I feel strongly about topics I’m truly passionate about. Although we may differ, we ARE indeed one. 

With that in mind, perhaps we can breathe a little easier. Perhaps we can dial in on our true desires.

What legacy do we want to leave behind?

What can we do to become better humans?

What do we truly believe in?

How can we help others more?

How can we get through this?

How can we take care of ourselves better mentally, physically, and spiritually? 

I truly believe those who have struggled deeply, are often the most compassionate. I believe there is light after darkness. Timing is everything, and God knows what he is doing.

Throughout many struggles, I questioned my intelligence. I questioned my faith. I questioned my purpose. I questioned why God would let me down, again and again.

I do know there is more. There is absolute beauty behind the pain. There is a greater reason, for every season.

We are in this together. 

We are all beautifully unique.

We can calm the overwhelm.


Kimberly Ann


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